The Mission

To send monitoring and video equipment to the edge of space, collect and stream back data and images of the UK, Northern Europe, the atmosphere and space itself – for about the cost of a good pair of binoculars! (About £600).

We have a mission sponsor!

Select Biosciences. The mission is now called Select Biosciences 1

We are raising money for The East Anglian Air Ambulance. If you would like to donate on a personal level, please visit our JustGiving page or for corporate sponsors, visit our Donate page.

Mission objective – to attain a height of around 80,000’ (25km), though it is hoped that 125,000’ (38km) will be reached.

Launch is planned for the 8th of October (with a 4 week window for weather) and can be viewed live at Mission Control.
05/10/2011 Current predictions show us landing in the channel! Does not look good for our 1st launch attempt on the 8th

We made the big time!!! (Anglia TV)

The payload box takes shape


To show that a ‘space shot’ need not cost a fortune.

To show that someone in their house, garage or shed can make important contributions to science and invention .

To get people excited about science, astronomy, electronics and invention. To get the next generation interested on the path to an industry in which the UK is a world leader and that contributes £40bn to the UK economy.

To raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance - the charity is entirely dependent on donations. To keep its two air ambulances flying and to provide the advanced medical equipment they carry over £4m per year has to be raised.

To let people see that not having heaps of money shouldn’t prevent you from daring to dream